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#selfie before party. I used to hate the color of my eyes. I have dark brown eyes. The right eye has a birthmark. It’s a small lighter patch of brown. Eye doctors always have to ask what happened or they ask if I knew it was there. 😂😂😂 My late grandma used to call me her “Black Eyed Baby.” She loved them. I now love them too! #browneyedgirls & #blackeyedgirls are pretty too 😊

Pure elegance at one of the parties I attended. The company I work for was awarded the City of Santa Rosa Contract!! Yay!! Lots of stress and work went into winning the contract. The subcontractor we are working with hosted a beautiful dinner party. The place setting, the company I conversed with, the food 😳, everything was absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed myself! #foodie #beautiful #red #greatcompany #goodconvo #gold #silver #elegance #classy

Whoop whoop! Keep in mind 9 out of these 15 months I wasn’t able to lift & I still gained 6 pounds of lean mass & lost 8 pounds of body fat!! Imagine what I can do, now that I know how to work with my back injury. I’m stoked!

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